Military Writers Society of America

MWSA Book Review Book: F.N.G.
Author: Donald Bodey
Genre: Vietnam War Fiction
Publisher: Modern History Press / Imprint of Loving Healing Press
Reviewer: Bill McDonald

War is Hell in this Nam Novel! Author Donald Bodey has crafted a true Vietnam War classic that captures what being a grunt was all about. His revised novel ” F.N.G.” has even added a new twist to the old war novel genre as the book’s hero considers shooting his grandson – thus wounding him and preventing him from going off to this war in Iraq! The whole book is fresh, which is very difficult to do considering all the books, and movies that have been written on the war in Nam.

Bodey has a writing style that makes even something as simple as the rain falling feel real. He has created drama and great entertainment in this thrilling fictional account of war that often at times, feels as if you are reading someone’s autobiography.

Readers may find their hearts beating a little faster, or a experience a moist eye, or even feel a slight pang of fear creeping up their spine while devouring this book. It flows with both action and powerful emotions. This is the kind of book that could become a huge Hollywood blockbuster as a movie. This book is really that good!

If you were only going to read just one novel about the Vietnam War then this would be my choice and my recommendation! It is a most compelling account and will not an easy book to forget or put down.

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